Attachment versus Possibility

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As I think about the New Year, I am engulfed in possibility. Over the years I have continually become less attached to how my goals should be reached and more enamored with setting the destination, charting the course to the best of my ability, and trusting that as I take the steps, everything will fall together to best get to shore.

Distinguishing Attachment

Attachment can be very challenging to distinguish. It initially shows up as a desire, a wish, a passion to accomplish something and then it subtly morphs from a desire into a “must have”. From that point, emotional attachments and expectations quickly set in which then limit higher thinking and opportunity recognition.

The less attachment there is, the more we tap into our emotional intelligence and creativity. We are able to make sound decisions all along the journey that collectively can yield better outcomes than the ones we initially charted.

Releasing Attachment: Hypothetical Managerial Scenario

I have to find the perfect candidate and I’m beginning to get stressed to find the perfect candidate for this role. Hiring people for my team is something I dread even though I understand how crucial it is. I find it time consuming and stressful.

In the beginning, there are too many choices. Once I do find what I think is the perfect candidate, it becomes urgent to get them on board. I start thinking that I have to have this one person or the team will not be set up to strongly win. Next thing I know, it looks like the candidate may take another job.

My sleep is severely disrupted and I am having neck aches. Realizing that I’m too attached to this particular candidate, I decide to let go and allow the process to unfold. My plan is to continue to do my due diligence regarding my hiring action items and trust that the right person will show up at the right time.

Continued Practice

When I shifted from focusing on the perfect client I thought I had to land to focusing on my overarching goals and executing the steps to get there, great things happened. Several opportunities arose to work with the most amazing clients. They were like minded, with values similar to mine, and were so appreciative to be able to work together. The opportunities showed up at perfect times and in their own ways. Letting go of attachments turned out better than I could have imagined and I ended up exceeding all my yearly goals.

As I get more practiced at living in the realm of possibilities versus attachment, I find it gives me more freedom, reduces stress and allows me to stay in the flow rather than attempting to push or control outcomes. It’s one of the greatest lessons I will continue to learn in this next year.

I am very much looking forward to the possibilities of this next year. What are your possibilities for 2014?

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