TEAM Tips: 5 Ways to Achieve A Healthy Ego

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We as human beings are designed in very interesting ways, especially when it comes to the ego. In my view it tends to get a bad rap. Today we are going to explore the healthy and unhealthy aspects of the ego and how to shift to the healthier aspect.

The unhealthy side is anything that keeps you playing small, including feelings of inadequacy, self-doubt, fret, worry and frustration. The best description of the unhealthy ego aspect I’ve found is the acronym is EGO: Edging God Out. In my case, my unhealthy, Edging-God-Out aspect gets louder and stronger right after a huge success. The voices in my head get louder and more persistent saying, “Who do you think you are to have such success? It was a fluke; you will not do it again. You just got lucky.” What is the voice in your head saying that reflects the unhealthy aspects of the ego?

In a recent Cultural Transformation and Tools Certification class we were discussing the unhealthy side of the ego and what emerged was a healthy definition. I found it interesting that each of us had our own definition so it seems to me that shifting from unhealthy to healthy is a slightly unique process for everyone based on where they are. My healthy definition now is “Experiencing God’s Openness.”

The more awake and aware we can be the more we can have a positive ripple in the world.

The healthy side of the ego cheers for you and allows you to celebrate in your successes. I had a huge success regarding a contract to teach “Leading At The Speed of Trust”. The positive side of my ego was able to relish in the success, celebrate and be grateful for the opportunity to serve. How can you reach your healthy ego and look at what there is to celebrate?


  1. Identify the form of your unhealthy ego. What are the conversations running in the background?
  2. Be awake and aware of when those conversations are running the show.
  3. Tell the negative self-talk to get in the back seat and say I am in charge.
  4. Laugh at yourself when those voices get louder.
  5. Write out your wins in a journal so you can relish in your success.

What are top three ways your unhealthy ego gets in the way of your success, effectiveness and fulfillment? How can you turn it around and live more in your healthy ego?

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One Response to “TEAM Tips: 5 Ways to Achieve A Healthy Ego”
  1. KatherineRay says:

    Great tips, Ellen! We should keep your five top tips handy at all times just to remind ourselves to do a “checkup from the neck-up” on a regular basis.

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