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I read a lot of blogs. My favorites are those that expand my own awareness and connect to where I am in my journey. In reading and learning more about how Corporate Culture influences the success of an organization, I came across a few posts that really struck a chord with me. So, without further ado, here are my top five favorite posts about Corporate Culture:


In a recent post about “codes of conduct,” Lolly Daskal explains why having one is so important to establishing a strong and cohesive corporate culture within an organization. As I have written in some of my own blog posts, the leader sets the tone. If he or she has a strong code of conduct that is firmly in place, it will create a culture that demonstrates those values. In my own business, I have developed a set of non-negotiable values that set the framework for my business and the goals I want to accomplish. Think about what your non-negotiable values are for daily living. How do those values be show up in your code of conduct?


This post by John Bell at Culture University highlights the importance of creating a strong corporate culture with shared employee values, especially among smaller businesses. The theme of “stop trying to do more and more, do less … better,” resonates with me because I am a small business and I am constantly evaluating the culture that I am creating while striving to be the best for the world and bring my positive energy into every day.


This thought-provoking post by Jim Bryson of 20|20 discusses culture in the context of growing a business. It addresses the question, “what do we do next?” Leaders must carefully cultivate a culture among employees that exhibits the values and goals of the company. A strong and cohesive culture cultivates success. Cultures thrive when there is clarity and repetition. What can you do today to be mindful about the culture you are creating?


How we treat each other in the workplace is essential to creating a great place to work. It is key in the workplace to honor and appreciate differences. Is your sense of humor seen as humor, or is it a subtle way of putting people down? Gossip can be both hurtful and waste time. What does it cost you and the organization? If you feel your organization is a bit out of sync these days, this post by Erica Pinsky of Legacy Business Cultures includes some great tips for getting your workplace back on track:


Finally, I came across an article from Entrepreneur Magazine that cites culture as one of the most impactful ‘hidden’ assets a business can hold. I believe that culture can make or break an organization. It is the key to success and sustainability.

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This one is definitely worth the read. Tips are included to create a rock star culture:

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