Leadership 101: Everything You Need to Know, You Learned in Kindergarten

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As I read blogs about leadership, I often think about how long I have been learning about and practicing the things I read. I now realize that I began learning these “rules” in kindergarten – my first large group experience with a leader. Maybe it is simpler than we think to lead well, if we will only apply those first things we learned to our adult life. Here are some of my favorite posts from great leaders today:

1. Let your inner light shine.

Lolly DaskalI love this post by Lolly Daskal. It makes me smile. Lolly creates an awesome picture of what it really takes to shine from the inside out: encouragement, helping others, respect and good listening. She writes about how you can make a difference by using your gifts to help others.

2. Do the right thing.

Frank SonnenbergWe have been told to “do the right thing” since we were little kids. Actions speaker louder than words. Doing the right thing shows up in our positive behavior. Remember: other people watch what you do. Frank Sonnenberg does a great job of putting this front and center.

3. Stay open to new ideas and embrace risk taking.

George AmblerGeorge Ambler’s post really speaks to me about the ability to take risks and attempt new things by approaching business and life with a “rookie mindset.” Rookies are open to new possibilities and ideas and therefore are more willing to take risks. Stay out of your head and on the court where life happens.

4. Be prepared.

Dan McCarthyThe motto “be prepared” has been with me since I was 9 years old as a Girl Scout. Dan McCarthy writes about the importance of being prepared, especially when it comes to change, in today’s leadership. Be prepared by knowing your culture.

5. Be honest.

Patrick LencioniPatrick Lencioni is a rock star when it comes to effective leadership. He writes about how the top leadership traits one can embrace are that of honesty and vulnerability. Being forthcoming about your needs and weaknesses promotes cohesive teamwork and builds trusting client relationships and a strong company culture.

In a nutshell, whether we are 5 or 50, we know the rules to live by and we know what works. What is one new action and behavior that you can embrace as a leader?

Our leadership journey begins in kindergarten, wouldn’t you agree?

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      You are welcome Frank. Thank you for the all the ways you make a difference.

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