Five Ideas To Build Transparency and Trust

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Most people love surprises – except when it is in a workplace that involves unknowns, instability and lack of communication. Transparency that fosters trust is the foundation of positive personal relationships. So how do we improve trust and transparency? I have collected a few of my favorite recent blog posts that highlight the benefits of trust and transparency in the workplace.

  1. Transparency is the standard that promotes happy workplaces. Jeanne Meister provides a “to-do” list outlining five strategies to foster transparency, beginning with the hiring process. Finding the right people is essential for fostering transparency and building trust in the workplace.

  2. Today’s workplace expands beyond shared office spaces and into the virtual world. The challenge of trusting what you cannot see is a real one in the work-from-home, increasingly global business world. Nan S. Russell does a great job of providing strategies to bridge the gap of trust when working remotely.

  3. Hallie Crawford discusses the balance of being authentic with the appropriate level of transparency. She notes that sometimes being too transparent can be harmful in the workplace. It is important to know when to share and when not to share. I especially enjoyed the action tips included in her post.

  4. How does a leader create a work environment with open communication and trust? It’s not easy, but Robert V. Keteyian has it figured out. He gives four useful tips for leaders that want to create a workplace of transparency. Bottom line: It starts at the top.

  5. Glenn Llopis’ title says it all: Five powerful things happen when a leader is transparent. He provides insight into how the power of transparency increases efficiency, productivity and happiness in the workplace. A powerful read.

One of my favorite programs for learning the behavior of trust and transparency is The Five Behaviors of a Cohesive Team based on Patrick Lencioni’s best-selling book The Five Dysfunctions of a team. Trust and transparency go hand and hand.

What is one action you can take to increase transparency and trust in your life?

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