Here’s What Companies We’ve Worked With Have To Say

“Ellen has given me the tools to maintain long-term working relationships and navigate difficult situations with confidence. After working with Ellen, I’ve begun to ask myself what really lies below the surface when working toward a goal and I am able to put more focus on creating better processes to achieve great results. I am better equipped to take on the challenges of working together as a team and bringing the real issues to the table.”

– Non-Profit Executive

After a month I see it clearly – you managed to create a good space for all of us to get to know the philosophy and tools of BVC, but also to make a bond between people on different continents. Thank you so much!

– International Consultant

So many things have shifted. My boss took me to lunch and we had an awesome conversation. The first one like that really in 3 years. “Assume good will” has become a common refrain around here. I am having fun at work and I think everyone is a little more. Something came up today where we clashed on styles. We sat down to talk about it really productively and we all got where everyone was coming from. Thank you again for all of your awesome work.

– Lead Associate

I believe that most conflict stems from communication issues. The Productive Conflict workshop is about developing powerful communication strategies and not being afraid of conflict. Conflict can be a tool and, certainly, a barometer of organizational health when understood. I have great group of leaders, but their perception of conflict was that all conflict is unhealthy. Ellen opened the eyes and ears of my leadership team through her thoughtful program and the powerful individual profiles from the Disc Conflict model. I highly recommend this program for any stage of organizational growth if you want a culture of trust, integrity and comradery. Without understanding your communication style and how you impact others, you limit your greatness and that of your team. This is one training I don’t think you can afford to miss.

– State Agency Executive

Ellen worked with our organization for five years in annual staff planning retreats and twice with our Board and Committees for planning retreats. She is insightful in identifying and working through any specific issues which may create barriers to effective teamwork. She creates the right balance between going deep and elements of fun.

– Anita Bradberry, Executive Director

Ellen has worked with our Hotel’s Management Team since 1999 with Team Building, DISC Profile Training and most recently with Covey’s “Leading at the Speed of Trust! Ellen is always energetic, enthusiastic and a real positive influence on our Team! We highly recommend TEAM Ellen!

– Tom Schurr, General Manager

Ellen Robinson was one of the most significant consultants we have ever engaged over the last 25 years. She is a Master Facilitator who leads with her mind and her heart. She has instincts on how to breakthrough internal conflicts within an organization, has developed techniques to confront and clarify cultural and value disconnects that exist within, and the ability to provide solutions as to how to improve. Her innate ability to bring business acumen along with thoughtful, mindful, and constructive feedback has helped our team to grow tremendously.

– Bonnie Siegel, President & CEO

The Barrett values methodology has been one of the most simple, insightful and powerful approaches to leader and organization development I have experienced. In the course of its application to myself, it has helped me in articulating my values, personal vision and mission. I have been immensely benefitted by applying the tools and techniques. I truly felt liberated. A true highlight of the program had been the support and wisdom of Ellen and space she helped create for us to jointly explore and co create our true purpose. I would strongly recommend it to those who are not satisfied with superficial approaches to personal and organization transformation and prefer instead to seek a deeper inner meaning of themselves and the systems they work with.

– Balaji Kumar

Ellen’s expertise and skill at training others is one of the best I have come across. I was quite simply amazed at her level of intuition and ability to flex her delivery style with very different participants and also encourage all learners to share their concerns and questions. I would recommend Ellen to all considering her as a trainer, she is without doubt a highly skilled and knowledgeable tutor and genuinely cares that her students are learning at their own pace and are gaining the knowledge she is keen to impart.

– Jane Bushby

Just wanted to tell you how useful and enjoyable I have found your training. The time flew by! I could hardly believe 4 hours passed that quickly which is always a sure sign for me of being both engaged and relaxed at the same time. I found your style easy to follow, inclusive and expansive in terms of directing my attention to the learning points and helping me push my thinking out further than I could have done by myself.

– Georgia Parker, Cascade Coaching and Training Ltd.

Ellen was a fantastic course coach who easily imparted her extensive knowledge and enthusiasm for Barrett’s Cultural Transformation Tools, even though participants were spread across five countries. I cannot commend Ellen enough for the follow up support she has shown to me in delivering my first Cultural Values Assessment. The support Ellen provides, as well as her willingness to share knowledge is testament to Ellen’s eagerness for her students to succeed.

– Goldie Bekin, Aecom


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  • Excellent leaders draw on the strengths of their team members and consistently strive to bring out the best in others for the greater good of the organization.

  • The key to optimizing teamwork is to develop an understanding of team communication styles, turn conflict into positive energy and create win-win results.

  • A strong cohesive culture increases your bottom-line and helps employees bring their best selves to work, resulting in happier people, happier teams and happier stakeholders.