18 Steps To Creating Positivity In Your Life

Life takes unexpected turns. We may be living our life, moving at full speed ahead when unexpectedly, we meet a new challenge and the brakes are on. We feel stuck. There are many opportunities to get our buttons pushed and, before you know it, you revert to old negative patterns.

Consider embracing the pauses in our lives with positivity. What can you do during a time when you are faced with new experiences that may cause you to feel down or defeated? How can you find the courage and patience to embrace unexpected events and perhaps develop a new perspective? Read more

The Power Of Leadership Culture: How Leaders Set the Tone


As a leader, are you permitting or ignoring bad behaviors? Do you find yourself giving some high performing workers a “pass” when they treat people with lack of respect? Do you tolerate negative behaviors to keep the workplace peace and maintain status quo? Read more

What is Conflict Costing You and Your Culture?

What is Conflict Costing

Surveys by many different groups across the years indicate that the average manager spends anywhere from 8 to 12 hours of a five-day work week dealing with conflict. The primary causes of this are attributed to personality clashes and warring egos. The cost of workplace conflict to businesses amounts to over $359 billion dollars a year. Clearly, the amount time wasted in unproductive conflict or avoidance of handling issues is astounding. Read more

10 Action Steps You Can Take to Empower Your Brain, Workplace and Life

10 Action Steps You Can Take to Empower Your Brain, Workplace and Life

Developing a strong cohesive culture starts one person at a time. You can do your part by learning new ways to supercharge your brain, become the best version of yourself and get more of what you want out of life. Read more

3 Principles of Win-Win Relationships


Win-win relationships are not easy and they don’t happen overnight—they take extra time to cultivate.

A win-win is when both sides experience a positive outcome and it could possibly turn out better than either side can imagine.

A win-lose is when only one side sees the positive outcome.

Undelivered and withheld communications can have disastrous outcomes on relationships—it costs you close connections, intimacy, and productivity. It takes time to build win-win relationships. It is best to take on the attitude of what can I do to make a positive deposit into a relationship and build a connection. Read more

8 Things Successful People Do

8 Things Successful People Do

What does it mean to be successful?

Being successful is about bringing your best self into every area of life. It is about consistently being able to expand and grow into the person you always imagined you could be and want to be. Read more

Understanding DiSC Personality Types

I Just Don't Get my Coworker

I hear it all the time:

“I just don’t get my co-worker or my boss.”

“My teammate is always ticking me off. What do I do about it?”

Can you relate? Read more

10 Tips to Help You Stop Artificial Harmony from Causing Havoc on Your Team

Artificial Harmony


It is the silent killer of effective team work in families and work. It robs us of time, energy and real connection with other human beings.

Artificial harmony is described as “making nice”. That is when we act like we are getting along yet there are resentments, frustration, and grudges being held against teammates and family members.

Read more

5 Behaviors that Make Teams Great

5 Behaviors That Make Teams Great

What is your biggest team complaint?

One of the biggest complaints that I have addressed in the workplace during the past 30 years is that people do not feel safe speaking up and trusting others.  They hide their true selves and feelings from others for fear of being ridiculed or ostracized. Read more

Create a Rockstar Culture: 10 Steps to Get People to Give Their Best

10 Steps to creating a Rockstar Culture

“Having a mission-driven, culture-driven business is the key to being successful.”
– Amy Bohutinsky (Chief Operating Officer at Zillow Group)

What does “Culture-driven” mean?

When you help bring out the best in others there is more happiness, higher morale and productivity in the workplace—in other words, you create a culture that helps good people become great. And, a culture that cultivates great people also drives a successful business.

Creating a rock star culture takes time, patience, and energy. Before an organization can change its culture, it is essential to first understand the heartbeat of its current culture. It is critical to measure the current reality to create a roadmap for culture change.

To start, ask yourself what actions and new behaviors can you take on this year to support people in giving their best? Here are 10 steps to get your started … Read more

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