Barking Up the Right Tree: Translating Dog Training Insights into Teamwork Strategies for Business Success

A month ago I introduced you to my beautiful Havanese dog, Jackie O. She’s my little bundle of joy with her fluffy fur and a perpetually wagging tail. However, Jackie O’s barking was creating a  problem. Such a little dog making so much noise!

I knew it was time to act.

Jackie O and I went on an adventure to a doggie boot camp in Austin.

What a great experience for her – and me! After 29 days, Jackie O seemed like a different dog altogether. Her barking had significantly reduced, and her overall demeanor exuded confidence and tranquility. It was as if she had found a new sense of calm within herself.

As her barking improved, Jackie O had also learned to respect boundaries. Kinda! With the command “place,” she knew exactly where to settle down when instructed. It was remarkable to witness her newfound understanding and cooperation.

Seeing the positive changes in Jackie O inspired me to reflect on the parallels between her transformation and the workplace culture. I realized that the same principles applied to both. I had taught Jackie O to be a polite family dog and get along with other dogs. Likewise, people in the workplace need to learn how to cooperate and communicate effectively.

In the workplace, we often encounter jealousy, control, and power struggles. It’s challenging to empower individuals and create a harmonious team environment. Yet, witnessing Jackie O’s progress makes me believe that change is possible.

Training a dog is no simple task, and the same goes for training people. It requires patience, persistence, and a genuine curiosity to understand others. We all bring our own baggage and insecurities to the table, and with the right approach, we can develop new neural pathways and foster growth.

When I am hired by an organization, my focus is to create a more compassionate and cooperative workplace. With a commitment from participants to experience personal growth and a willingness to cooperate with team members, we can build a thriving professional environment that gets extraordinary results.

Jackie O’s transformation serves as a daily reminder that with teamwork, change is possible with Jackie O and all my clients. I am ready to navigate the challenges with my clients, embrace growth, and create a workplace where everyone can be the best versions of themselves.

How Do We Play Nice in the Sandbox?

Ellen Robinson, President of TEAM Performance, works with forward-thinking leaders who want to bring their best selves to work and life. Her focus is on improving trust, teamwork, communication effectiveness, and productive conflict. The outcomes are increased productivity and a positive work environment across your entire organization.

For the last 36 years, Ellen Robinson has worked nationally and internationally with clients such as 3M, Kansas City Hospice, Texas Department of Transportation, City of Redding and Loquient.

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