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Ellen Robinson has a vision to make a difference in the lives of others. As a Barrett Values Certified Consultant and Trainer, Ellen has accredited more than 450 individuals worldwide. She been conducting virtual e-learning BVC courses since 2005 and is the longest-tenured consultant in this capacity.

Ellen has a unique teaching style that has developed over the last decade of virtual learning. It is based on using both her knowledge and her intuition to guide the learning experience for each group. She has mastered the ability to listen in a way that fosters enhanced individual and group learning.

Her company, TEAM Performance, is based in the US and has been leading organizational change since 1987. Ellen believes that organizations function better when leaders are focused on building values-driven cultures that benefit both people and society. One of her favorite methodologies to implement is the Cultural Transformation Models and tools because it provides you with a detailed and easy way to measure and manage your culture and leadership development.

You can engage Ellen to help you or you can learn to develop the skill sets through registering for one of the courses below.

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