Culture Measurement Tools

How do leaders get their arms around this big thing called culture? TEAM Performance offers a framework to measure and manage your culture. Before an organization can change its culture, it must first understand the heartbeat of its current culture. It is critical to measure the current reality to create a roadmap for culture change.

In 1997, an innovative set of assessments called the Cultural Transformation Tools (CTT) used to map the values of individuals and organizations was developed. The Barrett Values Center CTT assessment is a detailed diagnostic report of an organizational culture and a roadmap for continuous improvement. The Cultural Transformation Tools are based on the Seven Levels of Consciousness Model. These tools allow the organization to measure the alignment of the personal values of the employees with those of the current culture of the organization, and those of the current culture with the desired culture.

Why choose Barrett Values Methodology as your measurement tool?

We have proven methods and strategies that will:

  • Effectively measure an organization’s culture
  • Develop a road map for culture change
  • Promote understanding of the seven levels of consciousness framework and how it applies to measuring culture
  • Teach effective skills for building positive values-driven organizations
  • Give feedback that provides customizable solutions to your organization

The Barrett Values Centre Cultural Transformation Models and Tools® and assessments program is ideal for consultants, human resource managers, change agents and other executives looking to make the intangible tangible. Read how Hewitt has linked this methodology to engagement surveys, performance and the bottom line. Download the Engagement and Culture Hewitt Study (pdf).

CTT Certification is available virtually using an online platform. We have trained over 500 people in this methodology on a global basis. Live trainings are also available upon request.

To learn more about measuring your organizational culture or register for the CTT Practitioner Training click here.