What is Conflict Costing You and Your Culture?

What is Conflict Costing

Surveys by many different groups across the years indicate that the average manager spends anywhere from 8 to 12 hours of a five-day work week dealing with conflict. The primary causes of this are attributed to personality clashes and warring egos. The cost of workplace conflict to businesses amounts to over $359 billion dollars a year. Clearly, the amount time wasted in unproductive conflict or avoidance of handling issues is astounding. Read more

Understanding DiSC Personality Types

I Just Don't Get my Coworker

I hear it all the time:

“I just don’t get my co-worker or my boss.”

“My teammate is always ticking me off. What do I do about it?”

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Create a Rockstar Culture: 10 Steps to Get People to Give Their Best

10 Steps to creating a Rockstar Culture

“Having a mission-driven, culture-driven business is the key to being successful.”
– Amy Bohutinsky (Chief Operating Officer at Zillow Group)

What does “Culture-driven” mean?

When you help bring out the best in others there is more happiness, higher morale and productivity in the workplace—in other words, you create a culture that helps good people become great. And, a culture that cultivates great people also drives a successful business.

Creating a rock star culture takes time, patience, and energy. Before an organization can change its culture, it is essential to first understand the heartbeat of its current culture. It is critical to measure the current reality to create a roadmap for culture change.

To start, ask yourself what actions and new behaviors can you take on this year to support people in giving their best? Here are 10 steps to get your started … Read more

8 Tips for Handling Healthy Conflict

Conflict: A big word with big connotations. Studies show managers waste 6 to 8 weeks per year dealing with conflict. Many people hear the word conflict and picture a battle of some sort. I have learned through living that you can be soft and still be heard, you can be kind to get your point across and you do not have to be a bully to resolve a problem to your liking.

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Tune In to my BlogTalkRadio Interview!

I recently spent time talking with Linda Ballesteros of MPower Radio Show on blogtalkradio.com. During our time together we touched on many topics including the competitive advantage of building a strong workplace culture through great leadership.

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Top 5 Posts About Corporate Culture

I read a lot of blogs. My favorites are those that expand my own awareness and connect to where I am in my journey. In reading and learning more about how Corporate Culture influences the success of an organization, I came across a few posts that really struck a chord with me. So, without further ado, here are my top five favorite posts about Corporate Culture:

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Creating Transparency in the Workplace: Top 10 Tips from TEAM Performance

There’s a natural human condition that happens in small and large groups which is very prevalent inside organizations. When people do not get enough information to feel adequately informed they often make up speculative stories to fill in the blanks. The bad news about that is the stories they make up are generally not very empowering. Given this human condition, today we are going to talk about how to create more openness and transparency that generally will have a positive impact of reducing gossip and storytelling in the workplace. Read more

Reducing Gossip in the Workplace

I worked with a client in a small town with people who have known each other all their lives so office gossip was a natural part of their community. Upon completion of their culture assessment, we discovered that gossip was more rampant than what we previously thought. To understand more, we explored what gossip meant to them. Read more

Five Key Components of a High Trust Organization

When thinking of ideal employer qualities, being a “high trust organization” may take a backseat to other qualities that come to mind. Surprisingly, the key components of a high trust organization are some of the most important aspects professionals are looking for in their next employer. Read more

How Does Corporate Culture Affect Your Organization?

Companies are starting to realize that changing the corporate culture makes a real impact on the way that employees and their supervisors interact, as well as creating an influence on productivity, engagement, and product innovation. Read more