Cultural Transformation Tools® (CTT) Part 1

Cultural Transformation Tools® Part 1 (Models and Tools) training is an accreditation-based program teaching Richard Barrett’s work on measuring organizational culture and consciousness. Part 1 focuses on how to use the Cultural Transformation Tools. This course is conducted over two sessions lasting four hours each. This allows for time to practice, process and integrate the information.

Program Benefits:

  • Accreditation in the Cultural Transformation Tools® (CTT Accreditation)
  • Detailed understanding of the Seven Levels of Personal, Organizational and Leadership Consciousness and the Business Needs Scorecard Diagnostic
  • Affiliation with Barrett Values Centre LLC and the Global CTT Members Network
  • A complimentary Personal Individual Values Assessment to practice with one of your clients or prospects
  • Support and access to a depth of exclusive information that is available behind the website

Learn to interpret and present the results of the Values Assessments. For dates and availability, please contact Ellen Miller at (512) 750-4929 or email us at

Part 1: $1,400

Barrett Values Centre Partner