Cultural Transformation Tools® (CTT) Part 2

The Cultural Transformation Tools® Part 2 certification focuses on Building a Vision-Guided, Values-Driven Organization. This course is conducted over three sessions lasting four hours each. This design supports your learning, the integration of the models and tools and a practicum to easily apply what you learn.

Program Benefits:

  • Detailed understanding of how to build a vision-guided, values-based organizational culture
  • Price reductions on Individual Values Assessments, Small Team Assessments and One-Page Demographic Reports
  • Deepen Your Interpretation of the Results of Cultural Values Assessments
  • Learn how to develop a Vision/Mission Statements Using the “Four Why’s” Process
  • Learn how to help your clients choose core values and create behavior Statements
  • Learn Ellen’s process of implementing the culture assessment and next steps for integrating values into the workplace
  • Ellen’s insight into implementing the Leadership Values Assessment

After-Program Action Step:

You will be given a free Small Group Values Assessment for up to 15 people so that you can practice using the tools in a live client environment. This is designed to take your educational experience from concept to action.

For dates and availability, please contact Ellen Miller at (512) 750-4929 or email us at

Part 2: $1,800

Barrett Values Centre Partner