CTT Practitioner

“I appreciated your supportive and open approach to our learning and development as well as your confidence in our ability. You beautifully held the space for us to try our wings which makes is easier for us to apply this meaningful work with others.”

International Consultant

Ellen has been leading Cultural Transformation Certifications since 2004. The CTT Practitioners training goes beyond a basic accreditation program; it can be life changing and encourages you to see the world in a new way. This latest certification combines the best of both worlds. It provides you with the foundation of the models and tools combined with hands-on learning to lead you from assessment to action. Come join us on this journey to develop the confidence and practical skills to begin to transform your culture and build values-based leaders.

The CTT Practitioner course, based on the two books The Values Driven Organisation and Get Connected, is the perfect training to learn how to use CTT in a practical way. During the training, we will be using real life scenarios to integrate the learning. The CTT Practitioner course will provide in depth understanding to consultants and internal change leaders of the both CTT Part 1 and 2 materials.

Barrett Values Centre Partner

Program Benefits:

  • Learn new skills for building more productive workplaces
  • Develop skills for creating meaningful dialogue for change and transformation
  • Create mastery in reading values assessments and asking great questions
  • Understand the power of the 7 levels of consciousness
  • Learn skills needed to read your values through a Business Needs Scorecard
  • Develop vision/mission statements using the “Four Whys” process
  • Learn processes for integrating values into the workplace

This fast-paced virtual learning experience is conducted over five sessions, each 4 hours in length. Please register at least three weeks before the course is scheduled to begin. The investment is $3,400.

TEAM Performance is available to partner with you based on your needs to help make you great. Join us to learn Ellen’s unique process that will guides you from assessment into action.

CTT Practitioner Course Price: $3,400 – BUY NOW!