Culture Measurement Tools

How do leaders get their arms around this big thing called culture?

According to Deloitte’s global human capital report, 82 percent of more than 7,000 surveyed executives said that culture is a potential competitive advantage, and only 12 percent believed they had the right culture in place at their organizations.

Collaborative cultures create an environment where employees bring themselves fully to work and find alignment between their personal values and the organization’s values. The result is a unified, inspired workforce heading in the same direction.

We recommended that you measure what you want to manage. Most organizations routinely focus on measuring customer service and productivity. It is equally important to measure workplace culture to create a road map for a positive, values-driven culture. The goal is to take what seems intangible and make it tangible.

Our company uses Barrett Analytics, considered to be the gold standard in diagnostic culture measurement tools. We begin by measuring both your positive and potentially limiting values. We identify what aspects in your culture are causing a drain on your organizational culture and lead to a loss of productivity. Taking what we have learned, we create a roadmap for continuous improvement to create a rock star culture where employees bring their best selves to work. The result is a true picture of your organization’s strengths and how to harness the power of your people.

We can help you grow a positive organizational culture.

We have proven strategies that will:

  • Effectively measure an organization’s culture
  • Foster understanding of how culture impacts your People, Prosperity, Planet, Peace and Partnership (Adapted from the UN Sustainable Objectives)
  • Foster an understanding of the Barrett Analytics and how it applies to measuring culture
  • Provide customizable solutions for building collaborative organizational cultures
  • Develop a roadmap for culture change that brings out the best in your people

Please reach out to us today to find out how Ellen can assist you in your journey to a values-driven culture. She will be happy to act as an external consultant and/or train your internal consultant.

Step into the future and evolve to a new level.

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    Our team has decades of experience transforming teams into powerhouses that can accomplish anything they set out to do, while enjoying the process. We are experts in Leadership Development, Teamwork Optimization, and Transforming Workplace Culture, and you can learn more about each of these areas by clicking the buttons below.

  • Excellent leaders draw on the strengths of their team members and consistently strive to bring out the best in others for the greater good of the organization.

  • The key to optimizing teamwork is to develop an understanding of team communication styles, turn conflict into positive energy and create win-win results.

  • A strong cohesive culture increases your bottom-line and helps employees bring their best selves to work, resulting in happier people, happier teams and happier stakeholders.