Be the Positive Ripple You Want To See In the World

Be the Positive Ripple You Want To See In the World

Everyone reading this has had something bad happen in his or her life. We have all experienced sadness, loss and emotional or physical pain. For some of us the tragedy has seemed insurmountable, and we carry those scars with us in our walk through life. Some choose to live with what has happened and others choose to live their way through it to turn it into something much better.

Kansas City resident Mindy Corporon is a powerful example of taking a catastrophic event and turning it into something greater for herself, her community and her world. From the devastating loss of her son Reat Underwood, her father Bill Corporon, and community member Terri LaManno – all victims of a hate crime, Mindy decided that she would stand for something bigger than the horrific events in April 2014. She would say no to hate and yes to love and encourage others to do the same.

In an interview with the Kansas City Star, Mindy discussed her mission. She and other community members have created Give SevenDays to counter hatred and fear and instead embrace kindness and acceptance of others. Her hope is to “be a ripple of change” in the world in order to “heal hearts, minds, souls, family, neighborhoods, community and our nation.” This week in Kansas City, Give SevenDays will fill our hearts and minds with purposeful community activities to courageously embrace racial, cultural and religious differences. Most importantly, out of tragedy and loss, Mindy and others have found a way to gain strength and courage- through love and connection. In building a sense of community and “oneness”, the differences fade and we can truly function as a community.

On a personal note, I was bullied as a kid for my religious difference. I can still remember the guy’s name and the event like it was yesterday and I was only 10 years old. He followed me home from school yelling the meanest things I had ever heard in my ear. I was terrified and my safety was threatened. I never forgot him or the shame and fear I felt. My fears and insecurities can still pop up from time to time. Today I choose to embrace my differences and those of others and honor my own traditions and beliefs while respecting and learning about others.

The courage to face your fears and step out of your comfort zone to form new connections is a big a deal. It is time to turn it around. Where can you expand your connection with others that are different from you? Where can you grow in your personal and work relationships? Finally, what can you do to make a positive ripple in your community?

A dear friend once shared, “get comfortable, being uncomfortable.” Step out into the unknown – that is where the joy of life begins. What is one small action you can take to change your lens, change your life? What can you do to create a positive ripple in the world?


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