18 Steps To Creating Positivity In Your Life

Life takes unexpected turns. We may be living our life, moving at full speed ahead when unexpectedly, we meet a new challenge and the brakes are on. We feel stuck. There are many opportunities to get our buttons pushed and, before you know it, you revert to old negative patterns.

Consider embracing the pauses in our lives with positivity. What can you do during a time when you are faced with new experiences that may cause you to feel down or defeated? How can you find the courage and patience to embrace unexpected events and perhaps develop a new perspective? Read more

10 Action Steps You Can Take to Empower Your Brain, Workplace and Life

10 Action Steps You Can Take to Empower Your Brain, Workplace and Life

Developing a strong cohesive culture starts one person at a time. You can do your part by learning new ways to supercharge your brain, become the best version of yourself and get more of what you want out of life. Read more

10 Tips to Cultivate Positivity & Celebrate Life

The New Year brings changes and opportunities for growth. Many of us set resolutions and goals to be better versions of ourselves. We may make personal goals to eat more healthfully, exercise more frequently, or be more generous and patient. Professionally, we set goals to increase business, build a better team or provide better customer experience. At work or at home, our attitude toward our goals and others fuels us to make lasting changes and meet our challenges.

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Happiness: The Key to a Long Life

This time of year there is a lot of talk about being grateful and spreading joy. No matter what holiday your family celebrates, it is almost always preceded by the word “Happy” when wishing another a Happy Holiday. We all know that we feel better when we have some degree of happiness in our lives.

What Does the Doctor Prescribe? Happiness.

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Four Real Reasons Generosity is Good for You

“Happiness … consists in giving, and in serving others” – Henry Drummond. These words ring so true to me, for it is in the practice of giving that we also gain so much.

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Personal Transformation: 10 Ways To Get There

Transformation can happen in a moment – in your own backyard and while traveling the world. For me personally, transformation is about being awake and aware to the quiet nudges and then acting on my inner guidance. The lessons we learn along the way can guide us on the path of sustainable transformation.

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10 Ways to Love Yourself

Love Yourself
Practice finding ways to show love for yourself every day … it makes it easier to express love to others. Perhaps Lucille Ball said it best, “Love yourself first and everything else falls into line. You really have to love yourself to get anything done in this world.” Read more

Savor the Moment

I make chicken soup that really is chicken soup for the soul. I have perfected and refined it over time and whenever I make it, I create huge batches of it and freeze it. I want to make sure that the time I spend provides a return on my investment. When I first started making chicken soup I usually rushed through it. It was just one more thing on my to-do list. Although I loved the soup, I was not crazy about the way I was feeling when I made it. I was always rushing against the hands of time. Read more

4 Steps for Healthy Boundaries

How Saying No Honors Who You Are

The holiday season is upon us. You are scanning your calendar for the next 6 weeks and realize that you have just 2 days to yourself. Your calendar is filled with obligations to other people – real or perceived. Can you relate? Read more

You Stand For What You Tolerate!

I was working with a client experiencing low engagement and high turnover. Because of this we decided to complete a culture assessment where we looked at their different business units and the length of time people have been working within their organization.

Not surprisingly, the results showed that people in the organization were experiencing lots of blame, confusion, bureaucracy, information hoarding and micro managing. As we started diving into the results the reality was sinking in with the leadership team that the organization’s culture was at an all-time low and their employees were not very happy. Read more

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