How Does Corporate Culture Affect Your Organization?

How Does Corporate Culture Affect Your Organization?

Companies are starting to realize that changing the corporate culture makes a real impact on the way that employees and their supervisors interact, as well as creating an influence on productivity, engagement, and product innovation.


Employee engagement is one of the biggest indicators of a company’s success and is a crucial part of culture change. By focusing on creating events, processes, and programs that increase employee engagement, employees feel more involved in their job and the company as a whole. This leads to better ideas, more productive employees, and a happier workplace.

Influence Innovation

Employees feel motivated in a positive and upbeat company culture to create something new outside of engaging in routine job tasks that usually take up the majority of the work day. For example, Google allows employees the equivalent of one day a week to work on an unassigned project based on their interests within their job field. This culture perk led to the invention of Gmail which is now one of the most-used email services in the world.

Job Satisfaction

When employees feel connected to the organization they are also much more likely to be satisfied with their jobs. When this happens, they are more comfortable with the creative process and identifying problems that need to be solved, as well as new products or services that could be put into place to increase revenue.

In addition, satisfied employees stay at the same organization much longer, leading to the biggest benefit of employee retention: lower turnover costs.

Key Indicators of Culture Health

More innovative products and services, happier employees that communicate better and stay longer, and higher productivity which translate into more sales are all key indicators of great company culture.

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