JackieO’s Paws-itivley Sensational Wisdom

Jackie O and I spend a great deal of time together.

We laugh, we play and go for walks.

I am talking about “my” Jackie O, who I named after my beloved Daddy.  She’s a Havanese doggie born with a golden heart, and everyone she meets thinks she is paws-itively sensational.  

Jackie O and I are on an adventure to Austin, Texas. I was taking Jackie O to a 29-day boot camp. I was walking her around the airport, wearing her out so she would be the perfect little puppy on the airplane. While I was wearing her out, I met this family of five. At first they were hesitant to say “hi” to her. Then the smallest, this cute  little boy, said “doggie.” They began to play together.

I was bold enough to ask if they wanted me to save the family seats next to me and Jackie O. They said yes, so I did.

Gabe and Jackie O became best friends and he still talks about her to this day.

It was truly remarkable to see their connection.

Pure joy and love between the two of them. Jackie O had a new friend!

I’ve seen it time and time again – Jackie O speaks to people and opens their hearts.

Be a Bridge to the World

Curiosity is a great character trait to have. My ideal clients are curious about who they are, who their team is, how to build a more cohesive team, and a values driven organization. 

In short, when you’re curious you are on the pathway to expansion, learning and growth.

I tell my clients that continuous learning and improving are the pillars to massive success.

And to learn continuously, you have to be curious.  

How Do We Play Nice in the Sandbox?

Ellen Robinson, President of TEAM Performance, works with forward-thinking leaders who want to bring their best selves to work and life. Her focus is on improving trust, teamwork, communication effectiveness, and productive conflict. The outcomes are increased productivity and a positive work environment across your entire organization.

For the last 36 years, Ellen Robinson has worked nationally and internationally with clients such as 3M, Kansas City Hospice, Texas Department of Transportation, City of Redding and Loquient.

Take action today, call Ellen directly at 512 750 4929 or book an appointment with her at www.calendly.com/ellenteam



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