The Power Of Leadership Culture: How Leaders Set the Tone


As a leader, are you permitting or ignoring bad behaviors? Do you find yourself giving some high performing workers a “pass” when they treat people with lack of respect? Do you tolerate negative behaviors to keep the workplace peace and maintain status quo? Read more

3 Principles of Win-Win Relationships


Win-win relationships are not easy and they don’t happen overnight—they take extra time to cultivate.

A win-win is when both sides experience a positive outcome and it could possibly turn out better than either side can imagine.

A win-lose is when only one side sees the positive outcome.

Undelivered and withheld communications can have disastrous outcomes on relationships—it costs you close connections, intimacy, and productivity. It takes time to build win-win relationships. It is best to take on the attitude of what can I do to make a positive deposit into a relationship and build a connection. Read more

8 Things Successful People Do

8 Things Successful People Do

What does it mean to be successful?

Being successful is about bringing your best self into every area of life. It is about consistently being able to expand and grow into the person you always imagined you could be and want to be. Read more

My Co-Worker is Driving Me Nuts!

7 Effective People Strategies To Help You Cope

I met with a business leader today who was sharing his recent successes with me. The growth he had achieved this past year was amazing! Through our work together on the Five Behaviors of a Cohesive Team he really came to understand the power of a team and what it meant to put his executive leadership team first. With gratitude he told me, “I now know that I have my teammates’ backs and they have mine.” Then the mood changed …

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Leadership 101: Everything You Need to Know, You Learned in Kindergarten

As I read blogs about leadership, I often think about how long I have been learning about and practicing the things I read. I now realize that I began learning these “rules” in kindergarten – my first large group experience with a leader. Maybe it is simpler than we think to lead well, if we will only apply those first things we learned to our adult life. Read more

Tune In to my BlogTalkRadio Interview!

I recently spent time talking with Linda Ballesteros of MPower Radio Show on During our time together we touched on many topics including the competitive advantage of building a strong workplace culture through great leadership.

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The Blame Game: 10 Questions for Positive Action

Blame erodes trust. It can happen in a moment or slowly over time. When we fail to own our part of the problem, project, and point fingers at others, very few people feel safe. Blame can happen on a personal level, within the leadership team or throughout the entire organization. Our ego can keep us from seeing the truth because there is so much justification that happens within our own belief system. That’s part of human condition.

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Be the Positive Ripple You Want To See In the World

Everyone reading this has had something bad happen in his or her life. We have all experienced sadness, loss and emotional or physical pain. For some of us the tragedy has seemed insurmountable, and we carry those scars with us in our walk through life. Some choose to live with what has happened and others choose to live their way through it to turn it into something much better.

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Great Leaders Walk the Talk

In my last blog, “Top 9 To-Do’s for Successful Culture Change,” I discussed how culture change initiatives within an organization frequently fail to meet expected outcomes. I also outlined nine ways that organizations can encourage success during a cultural change process.

The first and perhaps most important “To-Do” on the list: make sure the leaders of influence in the organization are behind it at the start. Having a leader or group of leaders working together to identify, model and encourage the desired values of the organization are necessary components for a thriving culture. Additionally, once those values within the culture are identified, it is critical that future hires fit into the vision of the culture. The key to high performing culture is to integrate the values and behaviors into every fiber of the organization. The values are your guiding post for hiring, performance management, coaching, customer experience and branding. Who you are on the inside of your organization has to be consistent with who you are to your customers. Read more

Values Based Leadership Program: Royal Roads University

Cultural Transformation Leadership Program: Royal Roads University

Recently I had the opportunity to speak with Marilyn Taylor, Director of Leadership Master’s Curriculum at Royal Roads University. One quarter of the program, which requires 5 years of previous leadership experience, focuses on the Values Centre CTT Culture Values Assessment and CTT Leadership Values Assessment. Read more

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