Leadership/Coaching Certification

Ellen has been leading Barrett Values Certifications since 2004. She has trained over 500 Consultants around the world to bring Barrett Values into their workplaces.

This virtual training is for coaches, consultants, and human resource managers who work in the field of leadership development, talent management, and individual coaching. These assessments are designed to coach and work with others at a transformational level. The range of assessments addresses leaders from the C-Suite to up-and-coming new managers. Participants are involved in lectures, hands-on exercises, discussion, and group activities. This virtual learning experience is conducted over three sessions, each four hours in length.

By the end of this course, you will have a deep understanding of the Barrett Model and how to work with it. You will be skilled in reading and interpreting the data from the survey assessments. This includes the process of setting up and running a survey with your clients. After completing this certification, you are entitled to one free Leadership Development Report that has a value of $250 to use with the client of your choice.

Program Benefits:

  • Learn the Barrett Model and BVC’s leadership development assessments.
  • Develop skills in interpreting assessment data.
  • Learn best practices approaches when presenting the feedback results.
  • Experience what it means to lead from a values-based perspective and the impact this can have as you work with leaders.
  • Practice receiving and delivering assessment feedback with each other.
  • Gives you access to materials that support your practice in working with clients.
  • Connect you with a global community of coaches and consultants working on personal and leadership development.
  • Help you get this training immediately into practice by providing you a free Leadership Development Report.

After Certification

You will have access to the following assessments:

TEAM Performance is available to partner with you based on your needs to help make your organization great. This virtual learning experience is conducted over three sessions, each 3-4 hours in length. Please register at least three weeks before the course is scheduled to begin.

Come join us on this journey to develop the confidence and practical skills to begin transforming your culture and building values-based leaders.

Join us to learn Ellen’s unique process that will guide you from assessment to action.

Leadership / Coaching Certification Investment: $1,800 – BUY NOW!


    Our team has decades of experience transforming teams into powerhouses that can accomplish anything they set out to do, while enjoying the process. We are experts in Leadership Development, Teamwork Optimization, and Transforming Workplace Culture, and you can learn more about each of these areas by clicking the buttons below.

  • Excellent leaders draw on the strengths of their team members and consistently strive to bring out the best in others for the greater good of the organization.

  • The key to optimizing teamwork is to develop an understanding of team communication styles, turn conflict into positive energy and create win-win results.

  • A strong cohesive culture increases your bottom-line and helps employees bring their best selves to work, resulting in happier people, happier teams and happier stakeholders.