Performance Coaching

Ellen Miller, TEAM Performance President, is committed to helping individuals perceive their world in a new way to create fresh results. Together, you determine what is really important in your life, set and achieve challenging goals that work from and strengthen your natural talents, and create your best life proactively with results greater than you might have ever imagined.

Our philosophy is that senior leaders set the tone at the top and are responsible for the organizational culture. A leader’s greatest tool in leading and coaching others is the combination of their personality, values, behavior and decisions they make. The behavior of a company’s leaders is crucial to the entire organization.

Why choose Personalized Performance Coaching?

We have proven methods and strategies that will:

  • Optimize business results
  • Create a high level of employee engagement
  • Foster an environment of trust and accountability
  • Retain and develop talent
  • Inspire innovation, teamwork and collaboration

We believe that “you stand for what you tolerate”. As a leader, if you tolerate mediocrity then you will create a culture of mediocrity. If you stand for coaching and bringing out the best in others you will have a culture that thrives. Coaching accelerates the development of managers and leaders and inspires a higher level of commitment and loyalty to the organization.

The Performance Coaching process is for those committed to improving their communication across all domains in life. Together we will identify your challenge areas in a way that will leave you and your team empowered to create new outcomes and increased productivity. Each coaching session is private and is customized to meet your individual needs.