Personal Transformation: 10 Ways To Get There

Personal Transformation: 10 Ways To Get There

Transformation can happen in a moment – in your own backyard and while traveling the world. For me personally, transformation is about being awake and aware to the quiet nudges and then acting on my inner guidance. The lessons we learn along the way can guide us on the path of sustainable transformation.

It has been on my bucket list to travel to China and see what life might look like through the eyes of those that live there. That dream came true in April of this year. I walked the streets of Shanghai, experienced the sights, flavors and sounds. I practiced Tai Chi in the park with Asian women and visited sacred places. While I was there the most amazing transformation began at the Jade Buddha Temple in Shanghai.

We began the journey at the Jade Buddha Temple as tourists, taking in the beauty of the courtyard. I honored the tradition by lighting incense. We were greeted by a very old staircase with tiny stairs and climbed to the top. We entered a special sanctuary and there it was- this amazing beautiful Jade Buddha. It took my breath away. After taking in the moment we exited the temple, grateful for the experience. Shortly after. I heard a soft voice and a gentle nudge saying, “Ellen go back in and see the Jade Buddha. There is something really cool to celebrate here.” So I followed my nudge and went back inside. I soaked it all up. The energy in front of the Jade Buddha was so strong I simply stood in awe and amazement. I took every moment in and breathed deeply in a profound since of gratitude; here I was in Old Shanghai living my dream in reality.

I stood there in the moment inside the Temple. I felt an incredible sense of calm wash over me and as the chatter in my brain subsided, I heard the messages that were just for me. “Take time to breathe, take time to nurture your body, take time for the energy. Learn to breathe and deepen the meditative process. Embrace peace and calm which nurture the self.” I realized that if I wanted to have the life I wanted to live, these were necessary pieces. This soft voice was pointing to more mindfulness.

I returned home and had four days of calm where I was able to take a space between the notes. I was breathing, remembering the soft voice. Soon I noticed that calm began to wane. Before I knew it, the stress was mounting. My trip and the Jade Buddha was a far distant past. I would try to pull myself back into the moment and ask myself, “What do I want in this moment?” My intention was to live in peace and joy. That was not my reality.

I have since learned that jade is a stone believed to promote balance, peace and wisdom. It is said to have a positive influence of the heart and many people wear jade to embrace this calming energy. Each day, I am embracing more mindfulness so I can bring more joy and calm into my life. As I begin the sustainable transformative journey, I invite you to join me.

  • Listen to your inner voice of wisdom.
  • Take time to see the awe and beauty all around you.
  • Be in wonderment like a child.
  • Disregard the chatter that keeps you small.
  • Love who you are in the moment, your challenges and your greatness.
  • Be in alignment with your true purpose, values and passion.
  • Think about those things in your life that you want to discard, embrace and transform.
  • Choose a practice for creating more mindfulness.
  • Listen and follow the direction of your soft inner voice.
  • Do something on your bucket list.

An “ah-ha” moment can begin with a flash in time and it can also be transformative. Through positive change you can be the best for the world. It is your choice!


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