Cultural Values Assessments (CVA)

The Cultural Values Assessment is a comprehensive cultural analysis of your organization. Through dot plots, graphs, charts and detailed analysis, it provides an understanding of your employees’ motivations, how they view their experience in the organization and the direction the organization should be heading. It interprets the values your employees walk in the door with, the values they live in the office and want your organization wants to create to become high performing. The CVA makes the intangible tangible and creates a road map for culture change.

Cultural Data Report (CDR)

The Cultural Data Reports contains the same charts and graphs as the CVA; the difference is the reporting structure of a one page summary.

Cultural Evolution Report (CER)

The Cultural Evolution Report shows the shift between entropy in year 1 and year 2. It also shows similarities and shifts by time period of what is important to your employees personally by observing in the current time period and what they desire the cultural values to become. The CER summarizes the shifts.

Small Group Assessment (SGA)

The Small Group Assessment contains the charts and graphs as the CDR; the difference is the SGA is for organizations with up to 15 people.

Small Organizational Assessment (SOA)

The Small Organizational Assessment is the same as the SGA; the difference is the SOA is for organizations with up to 25 people.

Individual Values Assessment (IVA)

The Individual Values Assessment provides insights into what is important to an individual and how well that person is or would be aligned within the organization. The IVA is utilized for coaching, hiring and determining cultural fit as part of the hiring process.

Leadership Values Assessment (LVA)

The Leadership Values Assessment allows you to see how effective you are as a leader from a values perspective. It provides insight into what you need to do to grow and develop and increase your performance as a leader.

Personal Values Assessment (PVA)

The Personal Values Assessment enables you to learn more about what makes you tick through your personal values and what drives your behaviors. Get started today, and take the free personal values assessment.

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