Values Based Leadership Program: Royal Roads University

Values Based Leadership Program: Royal Roads University

Cultural Transformation Leadership Program: Royal Roads University

Recently I had the opportunity to speak with Marilyn Taylor, Director of Leadership Master’s Curriculum at Royal Roads University. One quarter of the program, which requires 5 years of previous leadership experience, focuses on the Values Centre CTT Culture Values Assessment and CTT Leadership Values Assessment.

What advice would you give someone who is considering joining your values based leadership program?

  • People who are interested in the program have a similar set of preferences for leadership practices that are based on enabling others to be the best in their lives. Their motivations are at the level of inspiring people rather than pushing them around and there’s a common underlying commitment to doing things in the right ways.
  • We combine professional development within an academic environment to assist the working professional while in the workplace.
  • Values based leaders tend to get isolated and this program is great place to meet like minds across sectors.

What successes have you seen come out of your values based leadership program?

  • Most importantly, people graduating from this program have a clear sense of who they are and what matters to them as leaders. They know their leadership mission, vision, values and purpose.
  • Leaders learn ways to work with culture and values in a way that makes a huge difference. It is possible to develop a culture that is more inspiring and effective. People are reassured as they learn new ways to bring positivity into the workplace and dispel cynicism. The time for values- based leadership has come.
  • New connections and long lasting networks of people get created in different parts of the wider environment.

What are the top four things for leaders to consider when starting a cultural change process?

  • The positional leaders of the organization need to behind it.
  • The CTT Culture Values Assessment has to be designed to illuminate the significant difference across the organization both that are high functioning and lower functioning. The data has to be specific to the sub-systems to be able to highlight differences across the organization—the values themes and difference among the sub cultures and the meaning that is attached to each of these sub cultures.
  • There has to be leadership accountability so the organization knows the leadership team is taking action with data and moving the culture change process to the next level.
  • Hold conversations across the organization by working with specific themes that inspire dialogue and action.

From Marilyn’s point of view, it is imperative for organizations to develop a culture that supports innovation and nothing is more critical than focusing on leadership and culture. To learn more about The Values Based Leadership program or to ask questions, here’s how you can contact Marilyn:

Marilyn M.Taylor, Ph.D.,
Web | Royal Roads University.
Email |
Phone | 1-250-391-2600 X4804


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