Run, Jackie Run! Get that Ball, Girl!

If you’ve read any of my recent newsletters, you know that I have been blessed with a beautiful Havanese dog named Jackie O. She is the love of my life! And since we returned from our 29-day doggie boot camp, her improved behavior and ability to follow commands has made her even more of a joy to be with!

As much fun as I have with her on an almost daily basis, I’ll never forget the first time Jackie O and I played together with a soccer ball. 

I am often looking for new toys for her to play with, to stimulate her, to keep her interested, to get her attentionto keep her in engaged. 

The day I got the soccer ball it became a team sport for us both. Running as fast as she could across the wood floors, she kept slipping and sliding as she tried to capture the ball. Success, she did it, running back to me with the ball in her mouth, eyes gleaming, proud of her little self!

While I was playing with Jackie O, it dawned on me that In the business world, fostering teamwork among employees is like igniting a spark that fuels innovation and growth. By encouraging curiosity, employees explore new ideas, question existing norms, and seek solutions to challenges.

Jackie O and the ball also represent play. In the corporate world, teams can sometimes get so caught up in the project, that they forget to play!

Communal play is such an important thing when we are kids, but we sometimes lose that spirit as we get older. What can your team do to bring back the spirit of fun and playfulness? 

If you encourage this type of spirit, it pays off in increased productivity, happiness, and it leaves workers looking forward to coming into work. If you think it’s not professional to develop play and fun, I want you to imagine the tremendous downside of NOT doing it. Remember, adults are grown up kids, and no matter how old we get, having fun at your profession always feels good.  

This thirst for knowledge and fun paves the way for individuals and teams to become the best versions of themselves leading to a culture that values employee engagement. As teams become more engaged and willing to take risks they create an environment where ideas flourish and curiosity blooms. The results are enhanced performance and a happy workplace. 

As I’ve mentioned before, I like my clients curious. I’ve found that it works for people, as well as Jackie O.

How Do We Play Nice in the Sandbox?

Ellen Robinson, President of TEAM Performance, works with forward-thinking leaders who want to bring their best selves to work and life. Her focus is on improving trust, teamwork, communication effectiveness, and productive conflict. The outcomes are increased productivity and a positive work environment across your entire organization.  

For the last 36 years, Ellen Robinson has worked nationally and internationally with clients such as 3M, Kansas City Hospice, Texas Department of Transportation, City of Redding and Loquient.  

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