Description: Combo Training Part 1 and 2 – TEAM Performance

This is a fast-paced Part 1 and 2 virtual learning accreditation course for utilizing the Barrett Values Centre Models and Tools (CTT). It is designed for internal and external consultants and change agents wanting to consult and carry out assessments to measure and influence culture change. Ellen Miller draws on her eight years of teaching online CTT certification courses to create an upbeat, high energy, virtual class environment. Participants are led on a journey that yields deep discovery and connection with themselves, their global team members and, most importantly, the Culture Transformation Tools.

Course Objectives:

  • Understand the seven levels of consciousness framework and how it applies to measuring culture
  • Gain confidence and competence in presenting cultural assessments
  • Develop effective skills for building positive values-driven organizations
  • Learn the process for implementing cultural change and transformation

Course components include light homework, paired/group exercises and peer-to-peer learning. The course flow is adjusted according to each group to ensure shared learning occurs through discussions and reflections of team members.

Participants will receive a complimentary Individual Values Assessment and Small Group Assessment (for up to fifteen people) upon course completion to make the move from practice to action with ease and speed. Attendees will also receive a quick start guide of next steps for culture change from the TEAM Performance consulting practice along with the option to have a follow up coaching session.

Combo   May 8-9, 12-14         9am to  1pm CDT
Combo   June 18-19, 23-25   9am to  1pm CDT
Combo   July 16-17, 21-23       9am to  1pm CDT
Combo   August 14-15, 18-20    9am to  1pm CDT
Combo   September 11-12, 15-17    9am to  1pm CDT
Combo   October 9-10, 13-15    9am to  1pm CDT
Combo   November 20-21, 24-26         9am to  1pm CDT

Part 1 and 2: $3,300