Create a Rockstar Culture: 10 Steps to Get People to Give Their Best

What does “Culture-driven” mean?

When you help bring out the best in others there is more happiness, higher morale and productivity in the workplace—in other words, you create a culture that helps good people become great. And, a culture that cultivates great people also drives a successful business.

Creating a rock star culture takes time, patience, and energy. Before an organization can change its culture, it is essential to first understand the heartbeat of its current culture. It is critical to measure the current reality to create a roadmap for culture change.

To start, ask yourself what actions and new behaviors can you take on this year to support people in giving their best? Here are 10 steps to get your started …


1. Guide your efforts by an ambitious, inspiring, and well-conceived vision for your organization.

Imagine what your business looks like three, five and even ten years down the road.  A vision is your mental dress rehearsal for success and putting your positive intention out into the world.

2. Share your vision, dreams, and motivations.

Consider these three strategies for sharing your vision:

  • Include employees in the creation of the vision.
  • Communicate your vision to them clearly at least 14 times. They have to see it, hear it, taste it, and touch it as vividly as you do.
  • Tell people what your needs are. Let them help you decide how to meet those needs.

Ask them how they fit into your vision and how they would like to contribute.

3. Understand your culture.

To do this, you have to invest in the time and resources needed to measure your organizational culture. A great resource to help you map the values of your organization and its employees is the Cultural Transformation Tools (CTT) developed by Barrett Values Centre.

4. Define your values.

When it comes to defining your values with specific behaviors, you need to be specific. For example, ask yourself, “What do we do better than 80% of our competitors that really makes us stand out and be the best?”

5. Hire people who are in alignment with your values, mission, and vision.

Business culture starts and ends with people. So, you need to be willing to let go of the wrong people so that you can invest in the right people for your business. For example, Southwest Airlines hires for personality and values and trains for skill.

6. Make your expectations known early, clearly and often.

The best time to specify your expectations is just before you decide to hire someone. This is also the time to discover his or her expectations of the organization. Put them in writing and make sure there is total clarity.

Feedback is the breakfast of champions—provide feedback on a quarterly basis.

7. Delegate responsibility that will encourage employees to reach for the top.

Employee empowerment is a big deal. When you delegate important responsibilities to people you:

  • Send them a vote of confidence
  • Challenge them
  • Increase their sense of importance
  • Give them the opportunity to succeed at a higher level

8. Listen to your team.

Listening is the most assertive communication skill at your disposal:

  • It tells you what employees need
  • It wins their respect
  • It raises their self-esteem
  • It minimizes their frustration
  • It communicates you care

9. Show hearty appreciation and say thank you.

Take a moment every day to appreciate and say thank you to at least one person. It makes a difference and inspires people to want to bring their best selves to work.

10. Walk your talk!

Leading by example is your most powerful leadership tool. Most humans want to do a good job, they just need to understand how. Many people in this world are looking for a positive role model—they respond when they find one.

What is one new action you can take to create a rock star culture in your workplace?


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  • Excellent leaders draw on the strengths of their team members and consistently strive to bring out the best in others for the greater good of the organization.

  • The key to optimizing teamwork is to develop an understanding of team communication styles, turn conflict into positive energy and create win-win results.

  • A strong cohesive culture increases your bottom-line and helps employees bring their best selves to work, resulting in happier people, happier teams and happier stakeholders.