3 Principles of Win-Win Relationships


Win-win relationships are not easy and they don’t happen overnight—they take extra time to cultivate.

A win-win is when both sides experience a positive outcome and it could possibly turn out better than either side can imagine.

A win-lose is when only one side sees the positive outcome.

Undelivered and withheld communications can have disastrous outcomes on relationships—it costs you close connections, intimacy, and productivity. It takes time to build win-win relationships. It is best to take on the attitude of what can I do to make a positive deposit into a relationship and build a connection. Read more

Happiness: The Key to a Long Life

This time of year there is a lot of talk about being grateful and spreading joy. No matter what holiday your family celebrates, it is almost always preceded by the word “Happy” when wishing another a Happy Holiday. We all know that we feel better when we have some degree of happiness in our lives.

What Does the Doctor Prescribe? Happiness.

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