Top 9 To-Do's For Successful Culture Change

Top 9 To-Do’s For Successful Culture Change

No matter how you look at the findings, there are ample instances where the culture change initiatives fall short of their stated objectives rather than reaching their expected outcomes.

We have briefly outlined some of the most important ways to avoid being among the ranks of those organizations whose culture initiatives fail.

Top 9 things for leaders to do during a cultural change process:

  • Make sure the leaders of influence in the organization are behind it at the start.
  • Measure your organizational culture through powerful metrics tools.
  • Complete a cultural values assessment to see where your organization is aligned and misaligned. Highlight the significant areas across the organization that are higher functioning and lower functioning.
  • Implement and demonstrate leadership accountability so the organization knows the leadership team is taking action with data and moving the culture change process to the next level.
  • Create a culture task force.
  • Identify culture change champions that are passionate about culture change who are not necessarily in a leadership role. Give them a role in culture change process.
  • Hold conversations across the organization through focus groups or small groups.
  • Create a dialogue that inspires action.
  • Measure the culture every year to see what culture aspects have been positively impacted and which ones to focus on next.

In addition, the most important component of all the nine steps above is communication. Without communication any initiative fails and when culture change is involved, communication becomes even more crucial for success.

Think Success

We would love to hear your stories of powerful steps you’ve experienced or encountered during the culture change process, as well as, ones that haven’t worked so well. Please share your experienced in the comments below!


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