Creating Transparency in the Workplace: Top 10 Tips from TEAM Performance

Creating Transparency in the Workplace: Top 10 Tips from TEAM Performance

There’s a natural human condition that happens in small and large groups which is very prevalent inside organizations. When people do not get enough information to feel adequately informed they often make up speculative stories to fill in the blanks. The bad news about that is the stories they make up are generally not very empowering. Given this human condition, today we are going to talk about how to create more openness and transparency that generally will have a positive impact of reducing gossip and storytelling in the workplace.

10 Ways to Create More Openness & Transparency in the Workplace:

  • Do a culture assessment or an employee engagement survey to identify where the challenges are within the organization.
  • Identify and do a cost analysis of what those behaviors are costing your organization in terms of engagement and alignment.
  • Silo mentality, confusion, information hoarding are the big three that get in the way of openness and transparency. Break down the silos and address what’s underneath the fear factor so people can let go of their need to control.
  • Create focus groups and ask questions like, “If I gave you a magic wand what would you really want to know inside our organization?”
  • Share the financials with everyone. Have a quarterly Q &A where employees can ask anything.
  • Ask yourself and the leaders the question, “What do we feel like we have to hide?” If you didn’t feel like you had to hide it, how can we be more open?”
  • Practice vulnerability. It really takes something extraordinary to be able to share and be open and transparent. Cultivate openness and transparency in others.
  • Create an environment where suspending judgments are seen as key to an open culture.
  • Encourage risk taking and empower others to learn from their mistakes.
  • Reduce confusion by clarifying role expectations. We will talk more about this in a future blog.

Watch your people quotient improve as you increase your own openness and transparency as a leader and its ripple effect on everyone.

What other steps does your organization take to create an open and transparent work environment?


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