Why Vulnerability Matters: Insights from a Leader’s Path

When you think of a leader who demonstrates vulnerability, what comes to mind? Do you see vulnerability as a strength or a weakness?  

Leaders demonstrate vulnerability in a powerful way when they are willing to show their authentic selves, openly admit their challenges and limitations, and humbly express their point of view.  They create a safe place for people to open up and be the best version of themselves. 

To nurture growth and progress, one of the most crucial qualities leaders and teams must cultivate is vulnerability based trust. In theory, it might seem like a straightforward concept, although it’s often one of the most challenging things to embrace. 

Opening ourselves up to vulnerability can be difficult, as it goes against the grain of our ego, which insists on being strong, unyielding, and always in control.

When I embarked on this path of being a management and training champion, my ego screamed, “Do you have what it takes?” “Are you sure you have the courage to go for it?”  I listened to my quiet voice and my inner self won, and I said, “Yes! Let’s make it happen.” 

It was hard, much harder than I thought. Being vulnerable involves owning my mistakes and weaknesses, letting others see my flaws. 

Now, I am free to chart my future according to my design.

So, what is the cost of avoiding vulnerability? First, it robs us of genuine connection with others. It also perpetuates an internal fear that our true selves might be exposed, and others may not like what they find. 

Find the Courage to Show Your Authentic Self

Now, why would we choose vulnerability? Embracing vulnerability grants others the permission to see us as we truly are, which encourages them to reveal more of themselves. It fosters a sense of comfort in making mistakes and seeking help when needed.  

Last, it creates an environment that encourages taking risks, freedom for creativity, and innovation. Teams evolve beyond who they know themselves to be when they are safe to be vulnerable.

When I think of vulnerability in my personal life, my beloved Havanese dog, Jackie O comes to mind. She is the light of my life, a precious and beautiful companion. Jackie O shows vulnerability to me every day through her reliance, affectionate nature, and trust in me. In return, I provide JackieO with a safe space for her to be her true self.  

Being vulnerable can strengthen connections in personal and professional relationships.  Open yourself up to being vulnerable.  See how your life evolves and expands. 

How Do We Play Nice in the Sandbox?


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